Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why do my reports show clicks with no associated earnings?

Advertisers running site-targeted campaigns bid on a cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) basis. This means that publishers are paid each time a site-targeted ad is shown on their page, even if the end user does not click the ad. For this reason, you may see any amount of earnings without any clicks appearing in your account. You can view separate statistics for site-targeted ads to see whether they're displaying on your site.

In addition, in order to protect the interests of our publishers as well as those of our advertisers, Google monitors clicks on Google CPC ads to prevent any abuse of the AdSense program. Google's proprietary technology analyzes all ad clicks for any invalid click activity that is intended to artificially drive up an advertiser's clicks or a publisher's earnings.

Clicks deemed by our monitoring system to be invalid will appear in your reports. However, since advertisers are not charged for clicks deemed to be invalid, publishers do not receive any revenue for these clicks. Consequently, you may on occasion notice clicks with no associated revenue. Please rest assured that your account is being properly credited for all valid clicks.

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